How did I start all of this?

Sometime ago, I created an Instagram page posting pictures and gathering followings. From a few followers to now over 16,000 and growing. I thought maybe I should tap into this and see what happens.

So, I put on my thinking cap and at the same time I saw a post on Twitter from @SimShenko! and after making contact and talking about a few designs he was able to do a few drawing for me. I was meant to sart all of this during the pandenic but of course other things got in the way.

So after working out what I wanted to do and getting some more pieces commissioned from @SimShenko! I have created this shop for everyone to enjoy his work and also add my touches to them and I have created several of my own.

I hope everyone enjoys what I have created and I look forward to creating more great designs for you all to enjoy.

Thank you.